MIDEM 2015


From June 5 to 8 I’ll be attending the MIDEM festival in Cannes: “The leading international business event for the music ecosystem”.

Exploring the latest music industry trends, meeting new and existing contacts from all over the world and of course enjoying lots of good music. Looking forward to it!!!

And the winner is…

One of my songs (co-written with my good Norwegian friend Morten Franck) has been elected a competition winner! British company Zebra1 Music had organized a song search for a (yet to be recorded) X Factor Stars album. The song was picked (with two others) out of more than 100 songs and will be pitched for this unique opportunity. Fingers crossed! :-)

Z1 Song Competition Winners

Publishing deal Dox Records

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Signed a second publishing deal, at Dox Records!


First publishing deal!


PROUD to announce that today I signed my very first publishing agreement!!! :-) Through Swedish publishing company Starlab (http://starlab.se/en), songs will be pitched to Japanese / Korean artists. To be continued!

Here I go again…


One year ago today, debut EP ‘Electric Carpet Ride’ was released. You can still add that five-headed earworm to your Spotify playlist: http://open.spotify.com/album/0uFHmRyomAs0ZyseulDp6m

It has been a marvelous music year. Releasing the EP, getting great reviews, lots of new fans, band contests and the UK Songwriting Festival are a couple of highlights that will be cherished.

Since 2012 I’ve had the privilege of being accompanied by a band. But last week I have decided to continue on my own for now. Running a band and everything that comes with that is hard to combine with a full time job. Because of that, I can’t put as much time as I’d like into the thing I love most about music: writing songs. I’ve always considered myself as a songwriter in the first place and I’d like to focus more on the writing beautiful songs, both for other artists and myself. I will continue to play solo gigs and when the time is ready I will release new material on my own.

Thanks a lot to everyone for all your lovely support so far, you know who you are!!! Reinier, Daan, Kenneth, Martijn, Nico and Dávid: thanks a million for your (musical) comradeship and the adventures we shared together!

To be continued…




Grote Prijs van Rotterdam

Too bad, we didn’t make it to the finals of the Grand Prize of Rotterdam yesterday. But luckily we caught it on tape. Includes a snippet of a brand new song called “Rome Burns”, please enjoy!

Grote Prijs van Rotterdam

YEAH! :-)

We’ve been selected for the ‘Grote Prijs van Rotterdam’ band competition!

On October 13th, we get to impress a jury in a non-public gig/event. Hopefully we will survive and make it to the finals on November 17th. Stay tuned!



Finalist MuzyQ Recordings Video Battle!

Yay!! With EP-track “Rock this Party” we’ve just reached the finals of the prestigious MuzyQ Recordings Video Battle!
This Sunday we’ll be recording a video clip in Amsterdam for an acoustic version of this song.
The finished video will appear online for a jury’s verdict (50%) and Facebook voting (50%). We’ll keep you posted!


Winner of Noord Bruist band contest!!!

Last Friday, August 23rd, we played the final of Rotterdam’s band contest ‘Richting Noordplein’. After the semi-final at June 8th at Roodkapje, we competed against the other finalists (The Arthurs, Rras and Certain Animals) at main stage of the Noord Bruist Festival. With a solid and tight show of half an hour we had an amazing time, thanks to an awesome stage and an even more awesome crowd (loyal fans, thank you!). Such a great pleasure to be rewarded with the first prize!!! As a consequence, we got to play main stage again the next day (for an hour), warming up the crowd for well-known dutch acts like Ntjam Rosie, Bettie Serveert and Waylon.



Review Popunie

Received a wonderful review by Popunie.nl, translation coming up soon! :)
“I’d like to see this live one time. No, I HAVE to see this live!”

Link: http://www.popunie.nl/2013/recensie-koos/

Pdf: Popunie